je préfere les livres

# 30/04/2009 à 22:56 Dream
ils sont plus détaillé,et plus intriguant
# 14/09/2010 à 10:32 ed hardy schuhe (site web)
Wearing jewelry is also a change of seasons matching problem. Early spring, wear jade, emerald and malachite and other jewelry, be very refreshing
ed hardy schuhe and vibrant spirit. Flowers bloom in the season, wearing ruby, turquoise and other jewelry, the color will be even more beautiful and moving. Sapphire, aquamarine, lapis lazuli and amethyst jewelry, etc., will be great in the summer style. ed hardy uhren Topaz, opal, amber, agate and other jewelry, can bring the feeling of coming autumn. In the trees bare, silver snow flying in winter, should wear Daizi Jing, garnet and moonstones and ed hardy other jewelry, can cause arises spontaneously mystery.
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